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​Preparing or cooking for kids must choose qualities ingredient for them


Our Story

ISPOON Thailand  is the imported brand from South Korea provides Organic kids goods / healthy kids goods through high quality raw material and puff fried processing.  Under the slogan of  sharing passion & caring baby health. Our raw material use from pure rice from South Korea with processing of heating  and puffing.  Our brand target to baby above 6 months.
Our product covering daily goods for baby including of organic rice snack, popcorn , soy sauce for cooking then soy sauce  for adding in baby foods with low sodium. Moreover,  Thailand is the potential market to selling in both of online and offline channel due to customer behavior are moving in to healthy trends. We hope our mission be able to increasing  parents decision for their baby to get more healthier.
Our manufacturer are processing with HACCP certificated  also Raw material which We picked up for products are certified by Organic I-Foam.
In the same way, The product were approved by FDA of Thailand 
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